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Main magnetic pole and core of CT17 mechanism supporting DC motor

Feb 05, 2019

The structure of the CT17 mechanism supporting DC motor should be composed of two parts: the stator and the rotor. The part of the equipment that is prohibited from moving during operation is called the stator. When it is used, the main function of the stator is to generate magnetic field. The base and the main magnetic pole are used. , commutating poles, end caps, bearings and brush devices. The part that rotates during operation is called the rotor. Its main function is to generate electromagnetic torque and induced electromotive force. It is the hub of DC motor for energy conversion, so it is usually called armature. It is changed by the shaft, armature core, armature winding, and It consists of a transmitter and a fan.

Main magnetic pole of CT17 mechanism supporting DC motor

The role of the main magnetic pole is to create an air gap magnetic field. The main magnetic pole is composed of a main magnetic pole core and a field winding.

Core of CT17 mechanism supporting DC motor

In use, it is generally made of 0.5mm to 1.5mm thick silicon steel plate, which is divided into two parts: the pole body and the pole piece. The part of the upper part of the field winding is called the pole body, and the lower part is widened. Known as the pole piece, the pole piece is wider than the pole body, which can adjust the distribution of the magnetic field in the air gap and fix the field winding. The field winding is wound with an insulated copper wire and is placed on the main pole core.