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Main use of circuit breaker DC motor and its removal steps

Aug 23, 2018

The circuit breaker DC motor is mainly used for circuit breaker energy storage closing. It is an optimized combination of mechanical reducer and electronic controller in the form of series or DC motor and precision gear structure. Compared with ordinary motors, circuit breaker DC motors have strong versatility, small size, large output torque, reliable operation, stable performance, intelligent control and other characteristics, and high-voltage, medium-voltage, low-voltage electrical switches or circuit breakers at home and abroad. The mainframe is equipped with a wide range of universal circuit breakers.


Before disassembling the circuit breaker DC motor, it is necessary to check the whole machine with the instrument to determine whether the insulation of the winding is good to the ground and whether there is a short circuit, disconnection or other fault between the windings. And reset the mark on the line head, end cover, brush holder, etc., and do the side disassembly, side inspection, and side recording, and the parts of the motor should not be damaged during disassembly.


Then you can remove the wiring of the circuit breaker DC motor; then remove the end cap screws of the commutator, the bearing cap screws, and remove the bearing cover. Open the venting window of the end cap, remove the brush from the brush holder, and remove the connecting wire attached to the brush bar. When the end cover of the commutator is removed, the wooden wedge is placed on the edge of the end cover, and the hammer is evenly tapped along the edge of the end cover, and the end cover is gradually separated from the base and the bearing outer ring, and the brush holder is taken out.