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Maintenance of small permanent magnet DC geared motor

Feb 26, 2019

With the wide application of small permanent magnet DC geared motors, how to properly maintain and maintain the motor is also a concern of the majority of users. The first is the maintenance of the appearance of the product, mainly to keep it clean inside, outside, no rust, no oil, check and fill the screws, handle ball, handle. After cleaning and cleaning, the parts are lubricated as necessary.

Daily maintenance of small permanent magnet DC geared motors should also be carried out to regularly clean the dust on the motor and electrical box, and check that the electrical devices are fixed and tidy. The maintenance contents of the DC geared motor exchange gearbox mainly include: 1 cleaning gears, bushings, and injecting new grease into the oil cup; 2 adjusting gear meshing clearance; 3 checking the bushing for sloshing.

For the lubrication system of small permanent magnet DC geared motor, it is necessary to clean the cooling pump, filter and liquid tray regularly; ensure the oil passage is smooth, the oil hole, oil rope and linoleum are clean and free of chips; check the oil quality and keep it good, oil cup Complete, clear oil mark. Proper maintenance can reduce the loss of equipment, making the equipment create greater benefits and extend the life of the equipment.