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Maintenance requirements for ABB-safering mechanism with motor

Oct 25, 2018

ABB-safering mechanism with motor can be used in the space-type metal-enclosed switchgear to electrically open and close the relevant energy storage spring operating mechanism of the SFG load switch. The product is equipped with a motor unit, a transmission unit, a control unit, and a patch cord unit. It can realize remote and local switching and local switching and closing operations.


For the user, it is only necessary to identify the patch cord according to the figure, and the cumbersome secondary line work can be completed in just a few minutes. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the daily maintenance of the motor. The monitoring of the daily operation of ABB-safering mechanism with motor mainly includes: 1. Monitoring of current, voltage and temperature (bearing); 2. Sound monitoring during operation; 3. Shutdown processing : Refers to an accident.


The daily maintenance of ABB-safering mechanism with motor mainly refers to daily inspection, regular inspection and operation inspection. Moreover, the lubrication of the motor should be lubricated with the lubricant specified in its instructions. After the motor starts working for 500 hours, it should be cleaned as much as possible, and the motor should be cleaned to avoid damage caused by the iron scraps that the motor is grinding during the running-in period. After cleaning, add clean lubricating oil.