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Manual Control and Overload Capability of Circuit Breaker AC and DC Motors

Jun 26, 2018

The circuit-breaker AC-DC motor can operate manually when it is operated. It can be controlled remotely by connecting the contactor during operation. The protection of the motor is directly provided by the circuit breaker of the integrated thermal relay-electromagnetic device. All the live parts are Protected, cannot be touched by fingers directly from the front panel.

The circuit breaker AC-DC motor will have a shunt trip module to a certain extent. When the operation is performed, the disconnection of the cover element can be controlled remotely. The controllers of the open installation type and closed type motor circuit breakers of the entire device can be used. 3 padlocks are locked in the "N/C" position. The use of circuit breakers to protect the motor, must pay attention to the two characteristics of the motor: First, it has a certain overload capacity, the second is the starting current is usually several times the rated current (reversible operation or reverse braking even up to a dozen Times).

Circuit-breaker AC-DC motors determine the long-delay operating current settings of their equipment according to the motor's rated current. The circuit breaker's 6 times longer delay action current setting return time is longer than the actual start time of the motor.http://www.huaxing-motor.com/