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Manual energy storage motor switchgear and maintenance

Mar 02, 2019

The manual energy storage motor is equipped with a energy storage button. Press the energy storage button first. After the energy storage is finished (the energy storage light is on), it can be pressed, called “pre-storage energy”, and the other is to start directly. This means that the energy storage and closing are automatically completed after the closing button is pressed.

A manual energy storage motor is a switching device that can close, carry and break the current under normal loop conditions and can close and carry current under the abnormal loop conditions within a specified time. The circuit breaker can be used to distribute electric energy, start the asynchronous motor infrequently, protect the power line and the motor, and automatically cut off the circuit when they are severely overloaded or short-circuited or under-voltage faults. The function is equivalent to the fuse switch. Combined with overheating relays, etc.

The manual energy storage motor stretches the spring and stores the energy in the spring. Manual energy storage is generally only used during maintenance, or when there is no control power in an emergency. The closing mechanism of the circuit breaker is actually a tripping mechanism, and the closing or opening of the circuit breaker requires the mechanism to provide sufficient operating energy, and the energy storage mechanism stores (stretches or compresses) the spring before closing. The mechanism is stabilized at a dead point, and when the closing mechanism is closed, the energy storage mechanism is released from the dead point and the spring energy is quickly released, thereby completing the closing. At the same time of closing, the spring is stored for the opening spring. When the opening mechanism is tripped, the opening is completed.