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Manual priority interlock for grounding switch motor operation

Aug 02, 2018

In the power grid construction work, for the power grid, the switchgear in the power system not only requires monitoring, control and protection, but also requires the operation of the switchgear to be intelligent. In the intelligent switchgear, accurate and reliable grounding switch motor operating mechanism becomes an indispensable product.


During the current power system construction, most of the grounding switches of the switchgear are manually operated, but after the grounding switch increases the electric operation function, there is a switch between manual and electric operation of the grounding switch. Therefore, considering the actual engineering application, the operation of the grounding switch is preferably manual, and the electric operation is the auxiliary mode, so the manual priority interlocking mechanism of the grounding switch motor is added.


It should be noted that in actual operation, the interlocking mechanism requires that the motor control circuit should be cut off immediately when the manual operating handle is inserted into the grounding switch operating hole to avoid misoperation of the grounding switch motor during manual operation. Cause unnecessary losses.