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Maximum power and speed requirements for permanent magnet DC motor

Apr 30, 2019

When the permanent magnet DC motor is used, it is more suitable to use a ferrite permanent magnet DC motor with high efficiency, low price and low temperature rise. Only when the performance requirements are strict, the volume is small, and the ambient temperature is high, the AlNiCo permanent magnet DC motor or the rare earth permanent magnet DC motor is considered.


The maximum power of the motor output of the permanent magnet DC motor is limited. If the power selection of the motor is too small during operation, the motor overload will occur when the load exceeds the rated output power of the motor. When the motor is overloaded, the motor will generate heat and vibration. The phenomenon of falling speed, abnormal sound, etc., will burn the motor when it is severely overloaded. If the power is too large, it will cause economic waste. Therefore, it is important to choose the power of the motor reasonably.


The selection of the specifications of permanent magnet DC motors is often due to the fact that there are not many specifications of the products actually produced, which makes it difficult to select products. When selecting the product specifications, consider: in the case where the power supply voltage is adjustable, the torque, the speed and the corresponding rating of the product can be selected according to actual needs, and the required speed can be obtained by changing the voltage; in the case where the power supply voltage is fixed, If there is no product with the appropriate specifications to choose from, you can select the appropriate specifications according to the torque, and the voltage and speed of the product can be adjusted appropriately.