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Miniature DC Deceleration Motor Performance Indicators

Aug 15, 2017

In the design work, we must take into account a wide range of factors, so as to ensure that the miniature DC deceleration motor to meet the actual requirements. And there are several points is more important, the following and share with you, hope to help to everyone.

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The first element to consider is the output current and voltage range of the miniature DC deceleration motor. This indicator will directly determine how much power it can drive the motor, which means it will affect its use.

The second point is reliability. No matter what kind of motor drive circuit should meet this requirement. Therefore, regardless of the need to add any kind of control signal, or any kind of passive load, should ensure that the circuit is safe.

The third important factor is the efficiency of miniature DC deceleration motor. Obviously, the high efficiency can not only save a lot of power, but also can reduce the heat of the drive circuit. And if you want to improve the efficiency of the circuit, then we can consider from the power device switch working state and to prevent the common state of these two aspects to take appropriate measures.

The fourth point, we also need to take into account the miniature DC deceleration motor on the control input. Under normal circumstances, the power circuit for the input will be set up a good signal isolation, so you can avoid some high-voltage high current into the main control circuit. Because it can use a higher input impedance or optocoupler to achieve the effect of isolation.

The last aspect, but also need to take into account the miniature DC deceleration motor on the power will cause what kind of impact. For example, if it is common state conduction, then it may cause the power supply voltage instantaneous decline, causing high-frequency power pollution; and if the current is large, then it may cause the ground potential floating.

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