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Motor buffer works

Feb 02, 2018

Speaking of the working principle of the motor buffer, first of all, we actually have to pay attention to the buffer itself, that is, there should be two main forms, one is the energy storage type of buffer and energy Bumper. Accumulator type motor damper also refers to the spring buffer, on its main part is also made of round or square wire coil spring.


Conical springs used on the motor's damper are seldom used today. In the case of energy storage bumpers, this is to a very large extent used only for elevators that can not exceed 1.0 m / s at rated speed.


For energy-consuming motor buffers, it is, to a large extent, an elevator that can be used at any rated speed. The buffer should meet the load-rated car when the free-fall time, and will be designed to take the impact of the buffer when the impact velocity applied to the buffer average deceleration should not exceed 1g, the deceleration exceeds 2.5g The role of the above time can not be greater than 0,04 s.


In the field of computer, the buffer for the motor is referred to as buffer register, which is divided into input buffer and output buffer to a great extent. For the role of the former terms, that is, should pay attention to the data sent by peripherals for temporary storage, in this case, that is, to facilitate the processor to take it away; the role of the latter To a large extent, it will be used to temporarily store the data sent to the peripheral processor.


With a CNC motor buffer, the point at this point is the coordination and buffering of high-speed CPUs and slow-acting peripherals. In this regard, the use of motor buffers, that is, Can achieve data transfer on the synchronization. Because the motor buffer is connected to the data bus, it must also have a three-state output function.