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Motor switch features and easy maintenance Motor switch features

Feb 19, 2019

The motor switch has high efficiency and reliability, long working life, easy maintenance and wide application. Its series can be divided into single-stage, two-stage and three-stage geared motor. The installation layout mainly includes expansion type, coaxial type and split type.

1. In the motor switch expansion type, the gear is asymmetrical with respect to the support position. When the shaft is bent and twisted, the load is unevenly distributed in the tooth width, so the shaft should be designed with greater rigidity and the gear is far from the input end or output. end.

2. The shunt type of the motor switch: the position of the out-of-shaft of the split-type geared motor can be extended from either side, which is convenient for the overall configuration of the machine. The gears of the split-stage are processed into helical teeth, one side is rotated right and one side is left-handed. Offset the axial force. One of the shafts should be allowed to make a slight axial movement to avoid jamming the gears.

3. The motor switch has a compact radial size but a large axial dimension. Since the intermediate shaft is large, the shaft has a large disturbance when it is loaded, so the load concentration along the tooth width is more serious. At the same time, since the center of the two-stage gear must be consistent, the bearing capacity of the high-speed gear is difficult to fully utilize, and the bearing lubrication in the middle portion of the geared motor is also difficult. The input and output ends of the geared motor are located at both ends of the same axis, which limits the overall configuration of the transmission.