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Operation And Disassembly of Permanent Magnet DC Speed Reducing Motor

Jul 05, 2017

Permanent magnet DC speed reducing motor in the process of running its voltage is stable to a certain extent, will directly affect the use of equipment, especially permanent magnet DC deceleration motor in the run-time mainly by power to provide its power equipment.

Permanent magnetic DC speed down motor in order to ensure the stability of its power, the resistance of the device at both ends of the effective parallel in parallel with a suitable resistance, and then effectively according to its resistive load in the heat after the resistance changes to get its nonlinear resistance characteristic.

Permanent magnet DC decelerating motor will be effective so that the starting line and excitation characteristics of the initial section of a larger angle, get a no-load characteristic curve with the intersection, so that the DC motor at low voltage will have a stable work point.

Permanent magnet DC motor can be put in the pole under the pole of the benign material, so that the magnetic field gap narrowed, so that in the case of small excitation current can make the output saturation characteristics, so to ensure the stability of the output voltage.

Permanent magnet decelerating motors in the process of dismantling the need to pay attention to the factors are more, the equipment in the use of the process need to effectively remove the motor external wiring, in the use of effective markings, such as for asynchronous motors, Should do a good job with the three-phase power line corresponding to the mark, for DC gear motors, respectively, to do the shunt winding, armature winding and other external wiring corresponding to the mark.

Permanent magnet decelerating motors When you remove a motor with a brush, you need to remove the brush from the brush holder during use, and use the DC motor when you use it mark up.


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