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Operation and Troubleshooting of High Voltage Switch Energy Storage Motor

Jan 16, 2018

High-voltage switch energy storage motor now speaking, under normal circumstances, that is, will use spring operating mechanism, and will use spring energy storage; High-voltage switch energy storage motor is the next step that energy release, among the high-voltage switchgear Circuit breaker closing or opening when the spring on its energy storage to a large extent the release of energy and relaxation phenomenon.


The next step in high-voltage switch energy storage motors is to start energy storage: when the spring is relaxed to a certain extent, it is also largely necessary to be aware of the need to control the position of the spring contacts (or Ratchet mechanism) will start the storage motor, in this case, to a large extent, that is, the relaxation of the spring will be related to the role of energy storage.


High-voltage switch energy storage motor in the next step is also refers to the energy storage stop, when the spring is stored to a certain degree of compression motor, which will control the spring position of the contact (or ratchet mechanism) will stop storing energy Motor, in this case, that is, to stop the spring energy storage; that is, the switch can be the next sub-closing reserve energy.


High-voltage switch energy storage motor switch role, because the energy storage device in the operation of the switch when it will need to have a relatively large force, the direct operation that would be more difficult. In view of this, the switch in the high-voltage switch energy storage motor can compress the energy storage spring through the energy storage motor or manual energy storage. Then it helps us to work by releasing energy through the spring.


High-voltage switch storage motor motor fault occurs, then, when the motor winding burned, it appeared there smell, smoke or fuse blown phenomenon occurs. That is because high-pressure switch energy storage motor brush appears off or because of its serious wear and tear and other failures. Judgment is not suitable for motor failure, that is, it should be to measure the voltage across the motor, the resistance is also replaced with a good alternative to check the motor.