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Optional configuration of motor for ABB-safering and rain protection device

Jul 14, 2018

Motor for ABB-safering mainly refers to an electromagnetic device that realizes the conversion or transmission of electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. It can be represented by the letter “M” in the circuit, and the main motor of ABB safety mechanism The function is to generate drive torque, which is used as a power source for electrical appliances or various machines, and the generator is represented by the letter "G" in the circuit. ABB motors are classified into low voltage motors, high voltage motors, synchronous motors, and DC motors.

ABB safety mechanism motor adopts its fully enclosed self-fan cooling design, and also uses strong anti-corrosion cast iron material during operation, so that the motor can adapt to various environments, the mechanical structure of the motor is very strong, flexible lead wire direction. The motor junction box can be installed on the top, left and right sides of the motor, and the junction box itself can be rotated.

ABB safety mechanism motors are available in a variety of configurations for their different environments and application requirements, such as their higher degree of protection, insulation levels, dust protection, seals, rain protection and more. Reliable windings use imported materials of the latest technology to achieve Class F insulation (B-80K temperature rise), indeed

The long life of the winding is guaranteed.

Motor for ABB-safering has strong anti-corrosion protection to a certain extent and has a long service life. The bearing of its product has high bearing capacity, and deep groove ball bearing will be arranged in a certain layer to make the life of the motor greatly. extend. The motor is equipped with a lifetime maintenance-free bearing, and the 280-355mm motor is equipped with a grease hole as standard.