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Parameter selection of motor for spring operating mechanism

Jan 19, 2019

In the field of high-voltage electrical industry, the motor for the spring operating mechanism mostly uses a series-excited motor. The series-excited motor has soft mechanical characteristics, large starting torque and strong overload capability. When determining the motor parameters, the power and insulation level are selected mainly according to parameters such as operating conditions, rotational speed and output torque.


Normally, when the power supply of the motor for the spring operating mechanism is DC, it is a DC series-excited motor with the same characteristics as the DC motor. When the power supply of the series-excited motor is AC, it is called an AC series motor. The main magnetic flux and the armature current direction change simultaneously with the change of the polarity of the power supply. The mechanical characteristics are similar to those of the DC series excitation motor, but under the action of alternating current, the electromagnetic power loss is large and the mechanical efficiency is low.


This type of spring operating mechanism motor also has the characteristics of convenient speed regulation. In practical applications, there are many parameters affecting the motor, but the basic parameters we first consider when selecting the model include: voltage, current, power, speed and output torque. In addition, the factors that must be considered are: work system, commutation and insulation level.