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Performance characteristics and technical improvement of micro DC geared motors

Aug 14, 2018

The main performance characteristics of the miniature DC geared motor are: small size, low noise, long life, durability and high transmission precision. The so-called miniature DC geared motor is an integrated body of a miniature DC reducer and a motor. Such an integrated body is also commonly referred to as a gear motor or a geared motor. It is usually assembled by a geared motor manufacturer and integrated with the motor.


In order to ensure the production quality of the miniature DC geared motor, in the processing, the all-metal precision hobbing gear process is adopted in particular; the gear modulus is low and the noise is small. For the appearance and structural design of the product, it is required to be light and thin, and the torque is large, the volume is small, and the precision is high.


At the same time, the requirements for lubrication, impact resistance, sealing and cooling of the gearbox of the miniature DC geared motor have been technically improved. The internal components of the product are made of high-strength alloy steel that has been heat treated to withstand harsh environments. Special products, special sizes and special voltage products can be customized according to user needs.