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Performance requirements for special energy storage motors

Jan 08, 2019

At present, different energy storage motors are widely used in various fields such as uninterruptible power supplies and distributed power supplies. At the same time, special energy storage motors are needed in some special fields. What kind of performance requirements should these special energy storage motors meet?


Of course, special energy storage motors and general energy storage systems have many commonalities, but there are also some differences. The high-speed motor in the energy storage system has been integrated into a component that acts as a motor when it is "charged" and absorbs electrical energy from the outside to drive the related mechanism to rotate. When "discharged", it acts as a generator to output electrical energy.


Due to the particularity of working conditions, some more stringent requirements have been imposed on special energy storage motors. In order to meet these requirements, the structure has been improved and upgraded. In order to improve energy storage, the speed of the energy storage system is also constantly increasing. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider that the speed of the entire system is often limited by structural strength and safety.