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Permanent Magnet DC Motor

Aug 22, 2017

Permanent magnet DC motor will produce noise, what is the reason? Is not life end? In fact, not all of the DC motor will produce noise permanently, found that the noise is generally caused by the following three reasons.

1, Permanent magnet DC motor bearing sound: the general replacement of DC motor bearings can be ruled out, the bearing surface looks good, but many factors are likely to hurt the bearing: pressure bearing pressure into the force point is not right, shaft and bearing with too tight, To the bearing chamber bearing force is too large or the rotor balance caused by radial bearing uneven force.

2, under normal circumstances is not smooth enough carbon brush body, run-in treatment is not good enough, then the commutator film due to long-term work led to a lot of wear and tear. In the run-time for a long time there will be overheating, noise and other issues. Treatment: polish the main body to make it smooth enough to replace the commutator, regularly supplemented with lubricants to slow down the wear and tear.

3, Permanent magnet DC motor carbon brush and commutator friction sound: in this regard is best to be an experiment, DC motor fine car is a very important process, but the specific process parameters are to explore.

Permanent magnet DC motor

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