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Planetary gear motors safety protection device and ambient temperature

Jul 02, 2019

Before using the planetary gear motors, please confirm whether the appearance of the geared motor is damaged or not, and whether there is oil leakage. Please confirm the voltage of the geared motor first. A voltage regulator can be added when the voltage is unstable. Confirm that the specifications of the geared motor are in accordance with the design specifications.


The planetary gear motor needs to confirm the fixed base, which can effectively avoid loosening when the drive is running. If sprocket, pulley, coupling, etc. are used, it must be installed in accordance with relevant regulations. Lubricated butter has been placed in the body of the geared motor, and the lubricant is not replaced for 12,000 hours.


When the planetary gear motor is running, the rated current must not exceed the current value indicated on the motor nameplate. Please pay attention to the surrounding temperature, humidity, pH and other issues. Failure to install, maintain or operate in the correct manner may result in serious injury to the geared motor. When repairing or disassembling, make sure that the external power supply is completely folded away from the geared motor.


Planetary gear motor safety devices need to be installed to ensure safe operation. The motor needs a grounding wire. Please refer to the power distribution regulations. Please confirm that all the installed parts and transmission parts are fixed correctly, then start the geared motor.