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Planetary Gear Reduction Motor Characteristics and Application

Aug 17, 2017

First of all, the planetary gear reduction motor has a very high cost, which for the user is to promote its choice of the product is an important factor. On the current practical situation, the planetary gear reduction motor can be applied to different work occasions, and can guarantee a longer life, very cost-effective.

For example, when the planetary gear reduction motor is used in the servo control system, it shows a very good servo rigid effect. Not only can accurate positioning control, but also has a high efficiency, high input speed and high input torque. In the whole operation of the process, not only play a stable and reliable, while the noise is also very small. In general, its structural design is very compact and reasonable, not only the return gap is small, and the precision is very high, the rated output torque can be done very much.

From the appearance point of view, planetary gear reduction motor is not only beautiful, but also light, compact size. No matter where the installation, the use of the process do not need to replace the oil, and no maintenance. As a result of the use of a fully enclosed design, and has a high degree of protection, so even if the working environment is relatively poor can also be used normally.

For this reason, the application of planetary gear reduction motor is becoming more and more extensive. We can directly install it in the exchange or DC servo motor, for the majority of medium degree of precision industry to provide services. For example, in the laser cutting, CNC machine tools, tool machinery, food packaging and automation industry and other fields can see its shadow.

In addition, planetary gear reduction motor can also be used in packaging equipment, textile equipment, vehicle industry, parking equipment, measuring equipment, precision monitoring systems and automatic control systems and other industries.

planetary gear reduction motor

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