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Power conversion and spring operation mechanism of switch cabinet motor

May 31, 2018

In the process of operation, the switch cabinet motor is mainly based on the law of electromagnetic induction to effectively realize the conversion of its electrical energy or the transmission of an electromagnetic device. When it is in use, its main function is to generate the drive torque, which is mainly used during operation. It is a power source that uses electrical appliances or various kinds of machinery.

The motor used in the switchgear effectively converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to a certain extent. When operating, most of the motors in the single-profit system are used by the various industries in a certain degree. The motor is used for debugging and is widely used in petroleum, electric power, building materials, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, coal, chemical industry, papermaking, textile and other fields.

The power conversion of the switch cabinet motor is to a certain extent dependent on the effective transmission and distribution, control, protection and monitoring functions of the high and low voltage switchgear. The entire device motor can effectively provide a wide power range from milliwatts to 10,000 kilowatts. Therefore, high voltage and low voltage switch cabinets with corresponding voltage levels must be selected for protection.

The motor used in the switchgear is used at a voltage level of 35V. The main features of the switchgear motor are that it can be equipped with a vacuum circuit breaker. In operation, the cabinet body adopts an assembly structure, which improves product quality and matching accuracy. It is suitable for three-phase AC rated voltage 12KV, 24KV, rated frequency 50 (60) Hz power system, for receiving and distributing electrical energy and control, protection and monitoring of the circuit.

The switch cabinet motor is, to a certain extent, a domestically advanced low-voltage draw-out switchgear. When it is used, its products are standardized and formed into a series of modules. To a certain extent, the drawer has a reliable mechanical interlock device so that the user can It is safer and more reliable when used. Suitable for AC 50 (60) HZ, rated insulation voltage and working voltage of 380 (400) V, 660v, rated current 6300A and the following three-phase five-wire power supply system.

The switch cabinet motor generally adopts the spring operation mechanism, and adopts spring energy storage, energy release: When the circuit breaker is closed or opened in the high voltage switch cabinet, the stored energy spring releases energy and relaxes, when the spring relaxes to a certain extent The control spring position contact (or ratchet mechanism) will start the energy storage motor and store the energy of the slack spring.