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Precision, sensitivity, and impedance or resistance of miniature DC motor

Feb 09, 2019

Micro DC motors are often used for output and input, or for the relationship between one output and the other. From the control requirements, the static characteristic curve should be continuous, smooth, and free of sudden changes. The dynamic characteristics are usually expressed by frequency curves or response curves. The frequency curve should be smooth and there is no sudden oscillation point; the response curve should converge quickly.

Micro DC motor sensitivity

The micro DC motor corresponds to the output of the unit input signal. Generally, it is expressed by specific torque, specific electromotive force, amplification factor, and the like.

Micro DC motor accuracy

Under certain input conditions, the difference between the actual value of the output signal and the theoretical value represents the accuracy of the micro-motor, which is represented by the commonly used error magnitude.

Impedance or resistance of miniature DC motor

In the system, the input and output impedance of the micro-motor should be matched with the corresponding circuit to ensure the running performance and accuracy of the system.