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Principle and Features of Cycloidal Pinwheel Reducer Motors

Mar 08, 2018

At present cycloidal pinwheel reducer motors application more and more. On the cycloidal gear reducer motor drive can be divided into three parts, namely: the input part, the deceleration part and the output part. The input shaft is provided with a double offset eccentric 180 degrees, the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two called roller arm roller bearings, the formation of H institutions.


Cycloidal pinwheel reducer motors on the working principle analysis:


In practical applications, in order to reduce the impact of friction, in the smaller speed cycloidal pinwheel reducer motors, the needle teeth with a needle on the sleeve. When the input shaft rotates with eccentric sleeve for one week, the motion of the cycloidal wheel becomes a plane motion with both revolution and rotation due to the characteristics of the profile curve of the cycloidal wheel and the pin teeth on the pin wheel, When the input shaft rotates in the positive direction, the eccentric sleeve also rotates for one week, the cycloidal wheel rotates in opposite direction to get a deceleration, and then the low-speed rotation movement of the cycloidal gear is transmitted to the output shaft through the W output mechanism. Resulting in a lower output speed.


Cycloidal pinwheel reducer motors features:


1, under normal circumstances, the cycloid gear motor to achieve a larger high-speed ratio and high efficiency single-stage transmission, and even up to 1:87 deceleration ratio, efficiency is more than 90%, if the deceleration of the motor is more Then the transmission can achieve a larger reduction ratio.


2, from the structural analysis, the overall layout of the device is compact and reasonable, taking up less space. This is because the cycloid reducer adopts the principle of planetary transmission. The output shaft of the input shaft is on the same axis so as to obtain the smallest possible size of the machine.


3, during operation, cycloid gear motor is not only very stable, but the noise is small, longer service life.