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Principle and function of special series motor for circuit breaker

Feb 16, 2019

The motor function of the circuit breaker-specific series of motors: mainly used for closing and opening.

Principle of series motor for circuit breaker

There are two ways: 1, manual energy storage, 2, motor energy storage. The ultimate goal of both energy storage is to stretch the spring and store the energy in the spring. Manual energy storage is generally only used during maintenance, or when there is no control power in an emergency. The closing mechanism of the circuit breaker is actually a tripping mechanism, and the closing or opening of the circuit breaker requires the mechanism to provide sufficient operating energy, and the energy storage mechanism stores (stretches or compresses) the spring before closing. The mechanism is stabilized at a dead point, and when the closing mechanism is closed, the energy storage mechanism is released from the dead point and the spring energy is quickly released, thereby completing the closing.

When the circuit breaker-specific series motor is closed, it is the energy storage for the opening spring. When the opening mechanism is tripped, the opening is completed. Therefore, it is necessary to store energy before closing. The energy storage motor is often used. The circuit breaker with automatic reclosing function can also store energy after the completion of the closing (the energy storage spring has been released), and the fast reclosing function can be completed.