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Principles and Control Types to Follow When Selecting Circuit Breaker Motor

May 15, 2018

The circuit breaker motor can be controlled manually during the process of self-operation. The entire device can be remotely controlled during the process of connecting the contactor. The protection of the circuit breaker motor is mainly provided by the integrated thermal circuit breaker followed by its electromagnetic device. All the live parts are Protected, cannot be touched by fingers directly from the front panel.

The circuit breaker motor will have an under-voltage trip module to a certain extent, so that the circuit breaker can be effectively disconnected in the under-voltage condition, and a shunt trip module is used during the operation to disconnect the component. Remote control can be used; open padlocks and enclosed motor circuit breaker controllers can be locked in the “N/C” position using 3 padlocks.

Circuit-breaker motor can be classified according to its control type, effective breaking capacity, different performance and functions of its motor protection components and accessories when used, and the use of circuit breakers to protect the motor must pay attention to the motor (mainly Two characteristics of AC induction motors: One is that it has a certain overload capacity. The starting current of the circuit breaker motor is usually several times the rated current, so in order to ensure that the motor runs reliably and starts smoothly.

Observe the following principles when selecting circuit breakers

1. According to the rated current of the motor to determine the circuit breaker's long delay action current setting value.

2. The return time of the circuit breaker's 6 times longer delay action current setting value is longer than the actual start time of the motor.

3. Setting value of the instantaneous operating current of the circuit breaker: The cage motor should be rated for 8 to 15 times the tripping current; the winding motor should be rated for 3 to 6 times the tripping current.

In the course of operation, the circuit breaker motor needs to be used for frequent starting of the motor. In the course of operation, if the phase failure operation rate is not high or there is a phase failure protection device, the fuse and the magnetic starter can be directly used in use. Combining the methods to control and protect is also more appropriate because it is convenient for remote control.