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Reasons of no charging for DC motor

Nov 28, 2017

It is found that the DC motor is not charged, which is already a serious fault. Check whether the wiring is loose and whether the fan belt is slipping. Let's look at the reason why the DC motor does not charge.


1. Each wire joint is loose or falling, and the wire wrapping is broken to ground to cause a short circuit.

2. Fan pulley is loose or oil slipping.

3. The commutator of the generator is worn, burnt or oil contaminated. The magnetic field coil is open or shorted. The armature coil is open or shorted. The commutator is short circuit, and the insulated brush holder is grounded.

4. The regulator or current regulator contacts are burned or contaminated, the resistance is broken. The section are burned down. The spring tension is weak. The air gap is too low. The limit voltage regulation is too low. The closed voltage of breaker is too high or the shunt coil is open.


Through the above explanation, we hope that everyone can master the reasons of no charging for DC motor, and learn to check the problem.