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Selection and function of motor for fast earthing switch

Jan 15, 2019

In an intelligent switchgear, it is obviously necessary to configure a stable and reliable motor for a fast grounding switch. The electric control device is to operate a spring-operated quick-grounding switch with strong closing ability, and the operating angle is 90°. The selection of the electric operating mechanism should be considered from the aspects of product installation, commissioning and customer requirements.


First of all, according to the requirements of the grounding switch electric operating mechanism, in the development process, the motor for the fast grounding switch is specially selected as the power source of the permanent magnet DC motor, and the torque output by the motor is transmitted to the grounding switch operating spindle through the reduction gear. Therefore, from the theoretical calculation data, the grounding switch electric operation can be fully realized.


At the same time, a grounding switch motor controller is also arranged to realize the control and protection of the motor drive device for the fast grounding switch, and has two operation modes: local and remote. The controller can brake the motor immediately when the electric grounding switch drive motor is blocked to reach the protection condition, and reversely drive the motor to cancel the stuck state.