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Service life and direction of cycloid reducer motor

Nov 20, 2018

The cycloid reducer motor is allowed to operate in both continuous and reverse directions during use, and some models of the cycloidal reducer are only allowed to rotate in one direction. The input shaft of the cycloidal geared motor has a rated speed of 1500 rpm. It is recommended to use a 960 rpm 6-pole motor when the input power is greater than 18.5 kW.

The working position of the cycloidal geared motor is horizontal. When installing, the maximum horizontal tilt angle is generally less than 15°. When it exceeds 15°, other measures should be taken to ensure sufficient lubrication and prevent oil leakage.

The output shaft of the cycloid reducer cannot be subjected to large axial and radial forces, and other measures must be taken when there are large axial and radial forces.

The cycloid reducer motor will be lubricated by the oil pool under normal conditions. The oil level of the equipment needs to be kept in the middle of the oil window. It can be used for circulating lubrication when the working conditions are bad and the ambient temperature is high. The cycloidal pinwheel reducer is generally lubricated with 40# or 50# mechanical oil at normal temperature. In order to improve the performance of the reducer and extend the service life of the cycloid reducer, it is recommended to use 70# or 90# extreme pressure gear oil. Lubricants should also be reconsidered when working at high or low temperatures.