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Special motor for circuit breaker function and principle of energy storage

Apr 24, 2018

The voltage of the special motor for circuit breaker is usually 220V-380V, it can be widely used in the series of circuit breakers as energy storage closing, in addition to DW16, DW15, DW17, DW45 series, etc., as well as vacuum circuit breakers and other models Special motor.


It can be seen that the special function of the circuit breaker dedicated motor is to cooperate with the two major actions of closing and opening the circuit breaker. The closing mechanism of the circuit breaker is actually a tripping mechanism, and closing or opening of the circuit breaker requires the mechanism to provide sufficient operating energy.


This requires a special motor for circuit breaker to store energy in the spring before closing and stabilize the mechanism at a dead point. When the closing mechanism closes, the energy storage mechanism is released from the dead point to quickly release the spring energy, and the closing is completed. . At the same time, the closing spring is the energy storage of the sub-gate spring. When the sub-gate mechanism is tripped, the sub-gate is completed.


In other words, the circuit breaker must be stored before it is switched on. The special motor for the circuit breaker has the function of automatic reclosing. After the closing, it can also store energy, and the rapid reclosing function can be completed. The principle of energy storage for circuit breaker-specific motors is divided into manual energy storage and motor energy storage. The ultimate goal is to stretch the spring and store the energy in the spring. Manual energy storage is generally used only during maintenance or when there is no control power supply in an emergency.


Special motor for circuit breaker has two kinds of electric operating mechanism and electromagnetic operating mechanism. The electric operating mechanism is driven by the motor. It is generally applicable to the operation of 400A and above large-capacity circuit breakers; and the electromagnetic operating mechanism is driven by an electromagnet and is suitable for 100A, 225A, etc. Small capacity circuit breakers.