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Special specification circuit breaker special motor drive operating mechanism control method

Jan 03, 2019

In order to further improve the operating characteristics of the high voltage circuit breaker, the selected motor and control method are very important. Special-purpose circuit breaker-specific motor-driven operating mechanism refers to a mechanism that controls the circuit breaker to perform opening and closing operations, and plays an important role in the performance and reliability of the high-voltage circuit breaker. At present, the commonly used operating mechanisms mainly include electromagnetic operating mechanisms and spring operating mechanisms.


In fact, the motor drive operating mechanism belongs to a new special motor drive operating mechanism for special specification circuit breakers. Compared with the conventional mechanism, it has only one rotating motor rotor component, and there are few moving parts and direct impact parts, and the noise is small. Real-time tracking control of the position can be achieved by position servo control of the motor.


That is to say, by performing position servo control on the special-purpose circuit breaker-specific motor, real-time tracking control of the position can be realized, so that the operation curve of the circuit breaker can be adjusted according to actual conditions.