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Specific functions and energy requirements of High voltage switch energy storage motor

Mar 21, 2019

When the High voltage switch energy storage motor is operated, its circuit breaker is required to be energized. When it is operated, there will be an energy storage spring inside, and the motor will increase the elastic potential energy of the spring. High-voltage switch energy storage motors can effectively ensure their safe, high-quality power supply, while maintaining power supply and demand balance is a continuing challenge for power systems.


The development of new energy power for high-voltage switch energy storage motors poses new challenges for the variable load capacity of conventional power units. It requires power units to have faster variable load regulation capability, uncertainty of power unit variable load targets, and power unit load regulation. The scope is even larger.


The use of an integrated energy storage module in a power system of a high-voltage switch energy storage motor is an effective measure to solve the problem of power system variable load and new energy power access. The overall role of energy storage is to achieve new energy power online, maintain efficient and safe operation of the power grid and balance power supply and demand.


There are three specific functions of the high-voltage switch energy storage motor.


Improve power quality, provide bridged power, and energy management. Power storage technology includes pumped storage technology, compressed air energy storage technology, superconducting energy storage technology, supercapacitor energy storage technology, electrochemical energy storage technology, and composite energy storage technology.