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Spring operating mechanism with motor advantages and current requirements

Mar 14, 2019

The motor for the spring operating mechanism is controlled by the energy stored and contracted by the spring, and the spring energy is stored by the energy storage motor, and the closing and opening operations are closed and opened. Coil controlled. Since the energy of the closing and opening depends on the spring force of the spring rather than the electromagnetic force, the current requirements for the closing and opening are not large, generally 1.5A-2.5A.

Advantages of the motor for the spring operating mechanism

1. The current of the closing and opening is not large, and the capacity of the power supply is not required.

2. It can be used for remote electric energy storage, electric closing and opening, or manual energy storage on site, manual closing and opening. Therefore, it can be manually combined and operated in the case of DC power disappearing. Electromagnetic operating mechanism.

3. Fast action and fast auto-reclosing.

Motors for spring operating mechanisms typically have manual and electric operation. The core of the mechanism is the closing spring.

1. Energy storage is first performed by manual or motor, and is maintained by the closing and holding unit.

2. After the energy storage is completed, the mechanism is in the state of no energy storage. The buckle is released by the manual or closing device, the spring is released, and the brake holding unit is held, and the closing process is completed.

3. The energy storage operation can be performed by manual or electric operation, and the mechanism is in the state of energy storage, and the mechanism can perform the reclosing operation.

4, when opening, by manual or electric operation