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Spring operating mechanism with motor-related operations

Jan 18, 2018

When it comes to spring operating mechanism motor, we actually should pay attention to the operation on the spring, in terms of this type, which is currently more commonly used, and, in terms of its closing and closing in terms of very large To the extent that it would rely on the spring to provide energy, the trip coil only needs to provide energy to pull out the spring detent clicks, and in view of this, the trip on the motor for the spring operated mechanism is generally not large.


The spring operating mechanism uses the spring used by the motor to store energy, that is, the energy is stored in the motor by pressing the spring. For its pop-up, closing bus mainly to the storage motor for power supply, the current is not large, so together mother control mother do not say much. Protection with its cooperation, in general, then there is no particular need to pay attention to the place.


In the spring operating mechanism with motor is used, the closing spring and the tripping spring are independent, and in terms of their energy storage, under normal circumstances will only give the closing spring energy storage, but the tripping spring In general terms, that is, by the circuit breaker closing action for energy storage. In the closing circuit which will be connected in series with the switch energy storage contacts, which means that the switch can not be closed without storing energy.


However, the spring operating mechanism with motor among the sub-gate circuit is not connected in series with the switch is not stored energy contacts. In view of this, even if the switch can not store energy, that is to be aware that it must be to jump off. (Note: The switch is not stored here refers to the energy is not stored in the closing spring, and the opening spring is not stored because there is no energy out of the contact).


When the spring operating mechanism motor fails, the opening spring will release the energy sub-gate. In about 1 second, (because the closing spring has been stored energy) closing spring release energy that is to be closed. And at the end of the closing time, the opening of the spring has been the end of the energy storage, but the closing spring has not stored energy well. For the spring operating mechanism of the motor must be handled properly this failure can be.