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Starting method of the spring operating mechanism with motor

Sep 08, 2018

The spring operating mechanism with motor is the most commonly used motor type. The closing and closing of the motor relies on the spring to provide energy. The tripping coil only provides energy to pull out the positioning pin of the spring, so the tripping current is generally not large. . The spring energy storage uses a spring operating mechanism to compress the spring energy with a motor.


In the spring operating mechanism with motor, the closing spring and the trip spring are independent, the energy storage generally only stores energy for the closing spring, and the trip spring generally relies on the closing action of the circuit breaker to store energy. In the closing circuit, there is a switch energy storage contact in series, that is to say, the switch cannot be closed if the switch is not stored. However, there is no switch in the trip circuit that has no switch energy storage contacts, so even if the switch does not store energy, it can be tripped.


When the circuit breaker is disconnected, the opening spring has not yet stored energy, and the closing spring has stored energy; when closing, the closing spring releases energy, and the closing spring simultaneously stores energy to the opening spring to ensure that the switch is in combination. I can jump off when I am on. When the closing spring releases the energy, the spring operating mechanism starts to store energy to the closing spring with the motor.


At the end of the closing, the opening spring has stored energy, but the closing spring has not stored energy. If the switch is in failure, the switch can be immediately opened because the opening spring ends with energy storage. But after jumping off, you can't close it again, you need to wait until the closing spring energy storage is over.