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Structure and energy storage characteristics of manual energy storage motors

Aug 25, 2018

The manual energy storage motor is part of the energy storage mechanism. In addition to this, the electric energy storage motor is usually equipped. The two of them work together on the same drive shaft, and the drive shaft is rotated by the motor or manually. The drive shaft will be driven by the chain drive. The torque is transmitted to the energy storage shaft, and the energy storage shaft acts on the energy storage spring to realize the energy storage of the operating mechanism.


The existing manual energy storage motor mainly includes the components such as the drive shaft, the worm wheel, the worm and the one-way bearing. The worm wheel is mounted on the drive shaft through the one-way bearing, the worm is meshed with the worm wheel, and the worm has a rocker arm at one end. From the outside of the control panel, the rocker arm is extended and connected with the worm. The rotary rocker worm drives the worm wheel to rotate and perform manual energy storage.


In the manual energy storage motor, in order to reduce the number of revolutions of the rocker arm, the worm is generally designed as a multi-head. Therefore, the accuracy of the worm and the worm gear is high, such as the accuracy of the worm and the worm wheel cannot meet the design requirements. , there will be a phenomenon that the meshing is not good, the friction is large, and the rocker arm is laborious. Therefore, when designing manual energy storage motor components, it must be strictly required.