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Technical requirements for circuit breaker AC/DC motor

Oct 11, 2018

In the performance test, the circuit breaker AC/DC motor should have good insulation performance, and at 1.06 times rated voltage and standard test state, when the motor runs to heat stability, the motor winding lead end is easy to reach. The leakage current between the metal parts to be reached should not exceed 0.25 mA.


In practical applications, the AC/DC dual-purpose motor of the circuit breaker should be able to maintain a good operating state, and the operation is smooth and light, without stagnation. At the same time, the surface of the motor should be smooth, and the paint film should have uniform color, no bubbles, wrinkles, cracks, peeling and adhesion of dirt. The requirements for the insulation resistance of the motor winding for the casing are: not less than 20 megohms in the normal state and not less than 5 megohms in the hot state.


In addition, it may also be affected by the humid environment during normal use. Therefore, the circuit breaker AC/DC motor should comply with the relevant regulations when operating in the general environment. After passing the damp heat test, its performance is qualified, and there is no brush jam and normal operation.