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The cause of the motor life

Oct 07, 2017

Motor life is not only associated with the daily maintenance, more importantly, because the composite conditions, mode of operation, the use of different environments greatly reduce the life of the motor, including our DC motor, so today Xiaobian and we talk Talk about the motor life of several major reasons.

1. Exceeding the rated torque load The use of gear reduction motor temperature rise too fast likely to cause the coil to burn out;

2. Frequent start

3. The reverse direction of the moment reversal

4. Impact loading

5. Long continuous operation

6. Forcibly turn the output shaft

7. Exceeds the use of the allowable thrust load

8. Braking, reversing current, PWM braking, and so on

9. Use standard voltage outside the standard rating

10. Exceeds the operating temperature range, relative humidity range, or used in special circumstances

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