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The essence and application characteristics of special motor for circuit breaker

Sep 13, 2018

The special motor for circuit breaker is a series-excited motor that can be powered by AC or DC, and is also called a general-purpose motor. This kind of motor is essentially a DC series-excited motor. Its internal structure and pure DC motor have no big difference. The electromechanical brush passes through the steering device to input current into the armature winding, and its magnetic field is connected in series with the armature winding. .


The steering switching of the special motor for circuit breaker is very convenient. As long as the switching switch reverses the field coil, the motor rotor can be reversed and rotated. Just to make it adapt to AC operation, all magnetic circuit systems are made of laminations to reduce eddy currents. In addition to the field winding and the commutating pole winding, the stator of the special motor for circuit breaker also adds a compensation winding to limit the excessive voltage drop and improve the commutation of the armature winding during AC operation.


The special motor for circuit breaker can be used for AC or DC power supply. The motor speed is up to 20,000 rpm, and the output torque of the motor is also large. Therefore, although the motor is small in size, the output motor is high because of the high output power. It is used in many fields such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and exhaust fans.