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The function and preset parameters of the motor for load switch motor

Feb 02, 2019

The electric switch of the motor switch for load switch motor is generally used for high-power load switch motor. Its construction is to replace the pure manual opening and closing with an electric control device. For the electric opening and closing switch, after manually pressing the "open" or "close" button on the control panel, the electric control part of the switch receives the signal, and then the electric actuator realizes the opening and closing.


Regarding the "trip trip", this is a pre-set parameter protection mechanism for the internal design of the switch, which is available for both high current and small current switches. It can be a motor-driven mechanism or a mechanical mechanism to achieve opening. The classification of protection includes overcurrent, undervoltage, overpressure, and the like. Some of the trip parameter values of the switch are preset by the manufacturer according to the national standard. The consumer can purchase it according to the sample selection provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer also allows the consumer to give the parameter value according to his own requirements.


The load switch motor of the motor for load switch motor can be disconnected with load and has self-extinguishing function. Isolation switches are generally not capable of breaking with load. There are no arc-extinguishing covers on the structure, and there are also isolating switches that can break the load, but the structure is different from the load switch motor, which is relatively simple.