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The Function of Load Switch Motor in Box Substation

Apr 10, 2018

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the structure of the power grid has also been improved. The transformation of most cities and the construction of residential communities are mainly based on cable entry. The amount of box-type substations is also increasing, and the use of load switches also follows. The popularity. If it can be matched with a special load switch motor, it can achieve automatic control.


When the load switch is launched, the operator needs manual operation at the scene and does not have the function of remote control, which brings difficulties to the dispatching of the power grid and realization of the distribution network automation. To this end, it provides a remotely and locally operated load switch motor, which enables the box-type substation to have a remote operation function, which has a simple structure, high reliability, and strong versatility.


The load switch motor is connected to the shaft of the switch. The output shaft of the motor is connected to a worm. Both ends of the worm are fixed on the bracket. The worm and the worm gear are matched. The shaft of the worm wheel and the output shaft of the load switch are connected through a pin. The other end is connected to the shaft of the load switch via a pin.


Because a load switch motor is connected to the load switch, not only remote and local operation of the electric mechanism can be performed, so that the box-type substation has a remote operation function, and solves all difficulties brought about by the operator's manual operation to the site. In addition, it has a reliable self-locking function, which ensures the malfunction caused by the electric power when the circuit breaks.


In addition, the entire load switch motor has a simple structure, a small number of parts, and high reliability. At the same time, it has the characteristics of convenient installation and strong versatility. It can be based on the original box substation structure, without any changes, simplifying the entire system.