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The role and inspection of the supporting motor of CT19 mechanism supporting motor

Jan 17, 2019

The CT19 mechanism supporting motor supporting motor uses a single-phase permanent magnet DC motor. If an AC current source is required, then the full-wave rectified current should be increased, and the (bridge stack) is supplied to the energy storage motor. When inspecting the mechanism motor, it is necessary to find the motor wiring in conjunction with the electrical control circuit diagram to check whether the relevant components of the motor energy storage circuit are normal.


Under normal circumstances, the performance requirements of the CT19 mechanism supporting motor supporting motor mainly include: insulation resistance: 500V megohmmeter is not less than 2MΩ, the resistance value meets the factory requirements; the new motor bearing connection direction adjustment: use the motor lead to connect the DC 220V power supply to make the motor Turn to the proper position. At the same time, it should be noted that the DC manual energy storage mechanism should be free of abnormalities, and the lead contact parts should be treated (grinded with sandpaper) before the motor leads are restored to ensure good contact.


In order to ensure normal use, after the installation inspection is completed, the motor needs to be debugged. The purpose of the debugging is to ensure that the motor of the CT19 mechanism supporting motor is properly turned and the energy storage is normal.