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The role and significance of the high voltage switch of the motor

Dec 01, 2018

The high-voltage switch of the motor refers to indoor and outdoor AC switchgear that operate in a power system with a rated voltage of 3kV and above and a frequency of 50Hz and below. It is mainly used for the control and protection of power systems (including power plants, substations, transmission and distribution lines, and industrial and mining enterprises).

The main function of the high-voltage switch of the motor includes two aspects: on the one hand, a part of the power equipment or line can be put into or out of operation according to the requirements of the grid operation. On the other hand, the faulty part can be quickly removed from the power grid when the power equipment or line fails, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the fault-free part of the power grid and the safety of equipment and operation and maintenance personnel.

It can be seen that the high-voltage switch of the motor belongs to a very important transmission and distribution equipment. Its stable, reliable and safe operation is of great significance for the safe and effective operation of the power system. The main components of the motor high-voltage switch include components and their combinations, grounding switches, reclosers, disconnectors, load switches, contactors, fuses, and load switches-fuse combination devices, contactors-fuses FC) combined electrical appliances, isolated load switches, fuse switches, open combination appliances, etc.