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The role and use of circuit breaker energy storage motor

Aug 09, 2018

The circuit breaker energy storage motor is mainly used for closing and opening. Circuit breakers can now achieve energy storage in two ways: manual energy storage and motor energy storage. The ultimate goal of both energy storage is to stretch the spring and store the energy in the spring. Manual energy storage is generally only used during maintenance, or when there is no control power in an emergency.


That is to say, the circuit breaker needs sufficient operating energy whether it is closed or opened. The circuit breaker energy storage motor stores the spring (stretching or compressing) and stabilizes the mechanism at a dead point before closing. When the closing mechanism is closed, the energy storage mechanism is released from the dead point and the spring energy is quickly released, thereby completing the closing. At the same time of closing, the spring is stored for the opening spring. When the opening mechanism is tripped, the opening is completed.


Therefore, it is necessary to perform energy storage before the closing can be achieved. Circuit breaker energy storage motor The circuit breaker with automatic reclosing function can also store energy after completion of closing, and can complete the fast reclosing function. The electric operating mechanism of the circuit breaker energy storage motor has two types: an electric operating mechanism and an electromagnetic operating mechanism: the electric operating mechanism is driven by an electric motor, and the electromagnetic operating mechanism is driven by an electromagnet.