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The role of circuit breaker special motor and matching requirements

Jun 08, 2018

In the circuit, the motor belongs to a very important component. In order to further improve its performance, it can be configured to use circuit breakers. Circuit breakers can be used to distribute electrical energy, which can avoid the frequent start of the special motor for asynchronous circuit breakers and protect the power lines and circuit breaker dedicated motors.


In practical applications, if there is a serious overload or a problem such as a short circuit, the circuit breaker has the function of automatically cutting off the circuit, which can effectively protect the special circuit breaker motor from damage. Its function is equivalent to the combination of fuse switch and over-heat relay.


Not only that, during the operation of the circuit breaker dedicated motor, the circuit breaker usually does not need to replace components after breaking the fault current. At present, it has been widely used. Circuit breakers are divided into high-voltage circuit breakers according to their scope of use, and low-voltage circuit breakers. The division of high and low voltage boundary lines is rather vague. Generally, high-voltage electrical appliances are used above 3 kV.


Judging from the current social development, we can understand that no matter electricity, industry, agriculture, transportation, national defense, culture, education, health, finance, commerce, tourism services and people's lives are all inseparable from electricity. In the generation, transmission and use of electricity, the normal operation of the special motor for circuit breakers is a very important link.


It should be noted that we should select the appropriate circuit breaker according to the actual needs of the special circuit breaker motor in order to achieve the protection requirements. In other words, the use of circuit breakers to protect the motor, must pay attention to two characteristics of the motor: one is a certain degree of overload; the other is the starting current is usually several times the rated current (reversible operation or reverse braking even Up to a dozen times.)


Therefore, in order to ensure that the special circuit breaker motor can operate reliably and smoothly, the basic principles that should be followed when choosing the circuit breaker: 1. Determine the long delay action current setting of the circuit breaker according to the rated current of the circuit breaker special motor. Value; 2, circuit breaker 6 times the long delay action current setting value of the return time is longer than the actual motor start time; 3, the circuit breaker instantaneous action current setting value.