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The Role of Special Motor for Circuit Breaker and Energy Storage Principle

Jan 13, 2018

Circuit breaker dedicated motor in the application, we actually have to pay attention to the voltage should also be in the 220V-380V, this circuit breaker special motor products particularly suitable for use in the DW16 / DW15 / DW17 / DW45 / series circuit breaker storage Can be closed on the use of, or for other vacuum circuit breakers and other models of energy storage motor.


The role of special motor for circuit breaker, the main is that it will be used in closing and opening among them. The principle of this energy storage method is that there will be manual energy storage and motor energy storage. The ultimate goal of both energy storage methods, to a large extent it should be to stretch the spring, next to say, that is, the energy should be stored in the spring among them.


Circuit breaker dedicated motor to be used manual energy storage, generally only used in the maintenance time, or in emergency situations without control of power when used. Speaking of circuit breaker closing mechanism, it is actually a frontal amount of a tripping mechanism, and the circuit breaker closing or opening is the need for institutions to provide sufficient operating energy, the energy storage mechanism before closing Spring energy storage (stretching or compression) and will make the mechanism stable at a dead point, the closing mechanism in the closing time, making the energy storage mechanism from the dead point and quickly release the spring energy, this time is the completion of the closing .


Special motor for circuit breaker in use, we actually have to pay attention to this device is closed at the same time it is able to sub-gate spring energy storage, when the tripping mechanism tripping, which is completed brake. It is precisely because of this, the use of circuit breakers dedicated motor, which is to pay attention to the closing time, it is necessary to pay attention to the first energy storage can.


Finally, the circuit breaker on the motor for the electric drive mechanism that is, there will be two kinds of electric operating mechanism and electromagnetic operating mechanism: Circuit breaker for electric motor on the motor operating mechanism driven by the motor, generally applicable to 400A and above high-capacity circuit In the following, the electromagnetic operating mechanism is also driven by an electromagnet, which is suitable for small capacity circuit breakers such as 100A or 25A.