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The solution to the damping of the DC motor

Nov 23, 2017

If stored in a warehouse, due to the wet environment, weather or other factors, the DC motor must be dampened. Once the DC motor is dampened, it will cause DC motor running fault, circuit short circuit and a series of faults. When facing these problems, I will introduce the solution for you.


1. Excitation coil drying method: That is, wind the excitation coil on the stator coil iron core of the gear motor and make the stator generate the magnetic flow through inletting the AC current, which depends on the iron loss to dry the stator of the gear motor.


2. Electric welder drying method: Before operation, the connection plug of the winding of the dampened gear motor is connected in series, and the chassis ground is connected so that the three sets of winding can be heated and dried.


3. Outer heat source heating method: For the dampened gear motor, first remove it, use the high-power incandescent bulb into the gear motor, bake it or put the gear motor into the baking room for drying.