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The use of micro gear motor and its use characteristics

Jun 05, 2018

The micro-gear motor is actually a motor. In the process of operation, a motor-driven closed-type gear reduction device is mainly used. When it is in use, its professional gear motor manufacturer needs a geared transmission mechanism that integrates the motor and the gear box. In operation, it is mainly used to reduce its speed and increase the torque, so that it can meet the working needs of mechanical equipment.

The micro-gear motor features high torque, low noise, and small size. It is the lifeline of automation when it is operated. In the course of operation, its motor protection level is -20°C TO +90 when it is used. °C; applicable humidity environment: 95% or less.

The use of micro gear motors

1. In order to reduce the rotation speed of the micro-gear motor during operation, the speed of the motor needs to be effectively passed through its reduction gear box to effectively achieve the required rotation speed during the operation process, which is often referred to as the output rotation speed.

2. Increase the torque. Under the same power conditions, the slower the output speed of the gear motor, the greater the torque, the smaller the contrary.

3. Change the direction of the drive, for example we can use two sector gears to transfer the force vertically to another axis of rotation.

4. Clutch function: We can install brake clutch to achieve the purpose of off-line instant braking.

The use of micro-gear motor features

When the gear motor of the micro gear motor is in the same direction as the production torque and gear rotation, the input pressure oil gear motor (motor) can output torque and rotation speed. Has the following characteristics:

1. Symmetrical inlet and outlet channels, the same aperture, so that the performance is the same in the positive and negative directions.

2. The use of external leakage oil holes, on the one hand because of the back pressure of the motor oil return, on the other hand, because the gear motor is reversed when the oil into the oil chamber also changes. If the internal drain is used, the shaft end oil seal can be easily damaged. Therefore, the gear motor is best to use external leak oil hole.

3. For the structure of the floating side plate with automatic compensation of axial clearance, it must be able to adapt to the requirements for both positive and negative rotations. At the same time, the trapped oil relief groove must also be symmetrically arranged.

4. Use more rolling bearings, mainly to reduce friction.