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The working principle of following the road

Mar 24, 2017

Dang using control switch closing or automatically device closing yihou, if closing contact not disconnect, dang line occurred fault Shi, protection export, BCJ (protection export following electrical) closed, will trip loop connected, makes circuit breaker device trip, while trip current also through anti-jumped following electrical TBJ of current started coil, makes TBJ started, its often closed touch points disconnect closing loop, often open touch points connected TBJ voltage coil, at if closing pulse not lifted, (Control-return switch is not stuck touch point 1ZJ or automatic device) TBJ voltage coil by KK 5-8-contact or 1ZJ contacts to implement its own keep, closing circuit is disconnected for a long time, the circuit-breaker cannot be closed again. Only closing pulse unlock, TBJ voltage to keep the coil heats up in order to restore to normal. -Proof plug-in relay protection operation.