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Type selection and installation requirements for ABB motors

Jun 13, 2019

ABB motors are available in a wide variety of synchronous motors, and the experience of all motors installed and used in use makes them available in almost all industries, applications and environmental conditions. A thorough understanding. In order to meet the requirements of customers in the automation industry, ABB offers a large number of servo motors and servo actuators.


ABB motors offer a wide range of DC motors for almost any application. The motor is designed for high performance, reliability and quality. ABB motors, commonly known as "motors", are electromagnetic devices that convert or transfer electrical energy in accordance with the law of electromagnetic induction.


ABB's motor transformer is a static motor that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert one voltage of electrical energy into another (usually alternating current). From the production, transmission and distribution of electricity to various households, a variety of transformers are used.


A transformer is a major device. We know that it is impossible to transfer high-power electric energy to a long distance and then transmit it with a lower voltage, that is, a corresponding large current. This is due to: on the one hand, large currents will cause large power losses on the transmission line; on the other hand, large currents will cause a large voltage drop on the transmission line, so that the electric energy cannot be sent at all. To this end, a transformer is needed to raise the terminal voltage of the generator and the corresponding current can be reduced.