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What are the advantages of the vacuum circuit breaker energy storage motor?

Dec 05, 2017

In order to meet the requirements of the Chinese market users, in the design of the vacuum circuit breaker energy storage motor, special optimization and improvement are carried out. For example, a vacuum circuit breaker energy storage motor working power supply is AC/DC 220V, power is 300W, working current is 2.5A. After careful design and improvement, it fully meets the users’ requirements.


First of all, from the optimization design point of view, in the process of optimizing the vacuum circuit breaker energy storage motor, the design principle of electromagnetic field optimization distribution is  especially adopted. The advantage of this design is that it can effectively reduce the partial discharge and local overheating of the circuit breaker, so the safety performance of the product is more guaranteed. In addition, the volume of the product and weight are reduced.


Togehter with the main circuit and the operating mechanism parts before and after the layout, so in the actual application, the vacuum circuit breaker energy storage motor is not only very safe and reliable, but also easy to maintain. At the same time, the grounding device also makes the operation of the product more safe and reliable. Secondly, in the selection of operating mechanism, due to the use of excellent performance of the spring energy storage mechanism and the building block design, the overall structure is simple and reliable.


Because the structure design of each part of the vacuum circuit breaker energy storage motor is reasonable, not only the performance can be maintained stable, but also the assembly and maintenance of the whole machine is very simple. In addition, the more reliable clutch components are used, which not only can reduce the mechanical impact of energy storage and mechanical components, but also can improve the overall mechanical characteristics.


In addition, because of the optimization in the design, the break-brake of the vacuum circuit breaker energy storage motor can rebound the value about one quarter of the vacuum interrupter dynamic and static contact travel, so that the excellent performance of the capacitor can be obtained. Moreover, the breaking performance of the circuit breaker is excellent, and fully meets the relevant standard requirements.